Tapping Into YOUR Divine Guidance With Eva & THEOS - Access the DEEPEST Internal Secrets to Your Happy Life - Learn to Channel YOU


For nearly two decades, Eva Gregory has been tapping into her guides, known as Theos, to help shed light on this life and these changing times.

Now you get to join her in this experience by diving into the deep end, trusting this beautiful Divine guidance and begin leading the life you desire.

Welcome Divine Guidance in the Present And 
			 Begin Actively Co-Creating Your Future

This course and the four modules, each with accompanying processes and guided meditations, that enable YOU to tap into your unique Divine guidance that exists in this physical world.

You have a beautiful extension – a higher self, that is just WAITING TO OFFER GUIDANCE...Are you willing to listen?

You are loved and adored beyond all measure. It’s time to thrive through negativity, overcome the need to react and move into a higher state of consciousness.

Allow your higher self to guide you into the most INCREDIBLE EXPANSION.

You are without limitation... it’s time to feel, sense and know that.

You are here, living this conscious expression so that you may achieve the vibrational alignment you are meant for.

Discover why Eva shares that YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE.

Join Eva and her non-physical guides on this magical four-week journey to connection with your imagination, intuition and Spirit. Yes, this IS what you’ve been waiting for.

YOU Can Step Into Your Pure, Positive Energetic Self

Take all the illusions of limitation, negative emotions, disempowerment and lack and LEAVE THEM BEHIND.

THEOS and Eva help you to do just that, release the old, opening the gates to receiving your own content, your own information, what you require right now. Then you can access in the moment what is true for your best and highest good, and be able to take full advantage of Divine knowledge in this physical, human self.

Eva Leads you on a Beautiful Journey To:

You were meant to live a life of pure joy, perfect health, loving relationships and prosperity. Once you understand this, it’s just a matter of taking a few simple steps.

Your expression of deepened connection with Spirit awaits. Join Eva, through this miraculous series of Four unique modules and see how to tap into Spirit, listen, trust and then act on that guidance.

This is your chance to move into a place of allowing, receive the messages that your soul has been waiting for, and say “YES!” to the intuition that lies within through this utterly amazing special offer from Eva Gregory.

This one won’t be around long at a fraction of the retail value, so if you feel it resonating with your heart’s desire, it may be time to listen.

Get Ready to Embark on an Awareness-Shifting Journey Through Four Meticulously Crafted Sessions:

Soaring With Spirit - Four Sessions of Opening You to Your Own Divine Guidance - Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard-Copy CD’s (Retail Value: $247)

Session 1: Welcoming Your Guides

Jump into this first session and the guided visualization that follows to explore the tip of your energetic iceberg.

This is where you get to glimpse the magnificence of all that you are and everything you are destined to become...All you need to do is be aware of your power, accept your potential and allow Eva to lead to you the existence of Divine and Miraculous nature you deserve.

It’s your turn to be brought up to speed.

Embrace a little introduction into this series, then explore the reality of these changing times as Eva brings THEOS into the mix.

This is the hour of your awakening. Now is your time to welcome the experience you desire.

These changing times are overflowing with new energetic potential and hold a possibility unlike anything we’ve seen before. Allow Eva to bring the potential to light. Explore this new realm of potential and discover how AMAZING your internal guidance really is.

This Life is All a Journey of Growth and Expansion

More and more people, JUST LIKE YOU, are having the direct communication they desire. This is here for you – it’s all waiting for your next step and all you need to do is TAP IN.

Let your light shine...Welcome your Divine guidance and get ready to actively co-create your future. This is all here for you!

Session 2: Trusting The Guidance

By keeping you aware of everything that’s happening over the course of your development, Eva enables you to SEE REAL PROGRESS. By following the structure that is set up in the first session, you actually have a record of everything you’ve been sensing.

You Give Yourself Quantifiable Results!

Your guidance always feels good to you. Take the second step along this journey and discover the ins and outs of knowing when your guides are sneaking bits of insight into your mind.

It’s easy to write off your Divine guidance as imagination, BUT you have the power to discern and differentiate between reality and imagination. All you need is a little nudge in the right direction backed up by the confidence to believe in all that you are.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to just know when to listen to the information that pops into your head?

Now, you can!

Join Eva and allow her to open your heart and mind to the power you hold. Embrace this universal gift and begin to KNOW when your guides are leading you down the path of your destiny.

Doubt will enter your mind. This is where you gain the understanding to trust your guidance, and do what is best for your own life. This is where you differentiate between a next-step and a write-off.

Listen to your guidance, know it is there and continue along this beautiful journey.

Session 3: Building on Your Divine Foundation

Through a unique and really insightful Q&A session, you gain TONS of oh-so-important information about how this process of intuitive embrace develops.

It can be tough to really let go and fully trust what comes forward. It feels completely natural to second guess the first answer that bubbled to the surface.

You Are Not Alone.

Take advantage of these individuals’ experiences and discover how your process is just like theirs. Imagine going through this shift, working to fully embrace your own miraculous self and trust in the guidance you receive each and every day knowing that you’re not alone.

You are supported both by Eva herself and by people all around the planet who are doing the VERY SAME THING.

Unravel the mysteries of accepting your truth and know that you are wholly supported by a community of people who are working embrace their own guidance.

We’re energetically holding hands while learning to walk this new walk of life.

Place your focus where you desire the most guidance. Be the conscious creator you know you are. Be clear and know what you want, then accept the guidance as it comes.

Through guided meditation, insight from people just like you, and graceful leadership from Eva Gregory, you are being moved to a place of sustainable progress.

Session 4: The Wholehearted Embrace of Your Guides

Keep moving forward. You have attracted your development and YOU have brought yourself to this point of opening.

This session jumps right into interaction with THEOS and offers everything you need to keep living from your guidance. With this fourth and final step in your possession, you are able to relax into an ongoing relationship with your higher self.

Discover how to allow your guides to come forward each and every day.

It’s time to understand your magnificence...It’s time to FULLY GRASP how incredible your intuition is.

Over the last three sessions, you’ve opened to the potential of all that you are, now you establish a way to keep the ball rolling. The end of this last session is actually the beginning of your expansion.

Run Out Into the World With Open Arms and Allow Your Guidance to Lead

Understand how to keep your focus on what you want. Grasp the beautiful power of heightened awareness and co-create the life of your dreams.

Joy, abundance, love, happiness, true fulfillment and so much more await...All you need to do is listen to your own inner guidance... channeling YOU.

Allow Eva & THEOS to move you through the phases of understanding, allowing, and listening, and begin to co-create your beautiful life based on the direction offered by your own internal Guides.

This Four-session intensive journey allows you to explore all the potential that you hold as a Divine being of love and light.

Make the conscious decision to shape the human experience of your dreams and begin writing your future RIGHT NOW.


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What Everyone’s Saying About This AMAZING Program:

“I really enjoyed spending time with you and Theos, getting your feedback and being able to share freely with like-minded people. I have a new-found peace and balance about me that is easier to shift into than ever before. I expect my life to get better and better building on what happened here. I want to share my sincere gratitude for being you and sharing yourself with us!” ~ Karen Ruesch

“Thank you Eva and Theos for another amazing call tonight! The feeling I get knowing I have all this support and love is just mind blowing-really I feel I am growing in many ways and looking forward to growing & expanding even more!” ~ Erin Suess

“I really want this class to continue because it is so powerful. My job is to continue using what I learned to help me on my journey to the next step. Thank you, Eva, for making this possible. I have been in your classes before and my growth as a spirit has changed so much, it is indescribable.” ~ Terry Self

I didn’t realize how soon I would feel so confident to find my own truths and take guidance from my own guides. I didn’t know I would be able to meditate at such a deep level and with such profound results. I’ve shifted into a new place for meditation and connection, and I feel more open and trusting of the process. I also feel like I’m at a point that I can carry on. The practice is established. This is big for me! I have a new inner calm that serves me well.

The program was amazing. I was very impressed with your level of commitment to us, through the forum, emails and willingness to answer questions. I felt loved and accepted, and easily opened up to what you and Theos offered us. This was just what I needed. It came at the right time, the right price and gave me more than I imagined it could. A big, big thank you from my heart, which is nicely open.” ~ Aimee Lauezzari

“Since your program, I feel even more connected to my Higher Self. I now know It’s me…creator of it all in my world. I am now moving forward with more clarity and sureness in my life. Thank You. If you’re considering joining a program with Eva, do it! So good. Eva is truly a beautiful soul, sincere and clear channel. She comes straight from the heart and over delivers what she offers. A generous and pure connection. I highly recommend her work, classes, courses and books.” ~Suzanne Kincaid

About Eva Gregory:

Eva Gregory is a mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs, a Law of Attraction expert, speaker and author of several books and programs including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity and Inner Guidance for Business Success.  She co-authored the book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Jack Canfield and Jeanna Gabellini.

Regularly featured on radio and in the media, Eva is a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction and has instructed thousands on how to create a life deliberately using the Law of Attraction. As host of her own radio shows, she has interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders today.

Her passion is helping spiritual entrepreneurs go from chaos to clarity, and from clarity to cash flow by teaching them how to tap into their own Divine Guidance in order to access the Divine wisdom, love and support they need to thrive in every area of their lives while building successful enlightened businesses of purpose, passion and prosperity.